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About Roth Rugs was founded in 2012 by the Roth family of Pittsburgh, PA. The Roths have a rich history in the flooring business, dating back to 1936. On St. Patrick’s day of that year, the entire city of Pittsburgh was flooded by devastating storms and Richard’s father, Bernie Roth, and grandfather, AJ Roth,responded by launching Roth Rug Cleaners. Overtime the business grew to a rug cleaning plant, with nine stores that eventually included sales of new carpet, installation, as well as furniture and accessories. By the 1970’s, Roth Carpet had evolved from rug cleaners into large warehouse retailers. To this day the company is still known for its discount warehouse setup with attentive hands-on service. Richard Roth, third generation, and his wife Ann, have over 50 years experience as flooring retailers at Roth Carpet. Daughter Kate, fourth generation, joined the family business in 2012, with the launch of

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RICHARD ROTH Richard grew up in the flooring industry - learning first hand the ins and outs of the business from his father and grandfather. In 1977, Richard joined his father in business, and in 1985, he took over as President. Soon after, in 1986, his wife, Ann Roth, joined as the Oriental rug buyer.

KATE ROTH With rolls of carpet as her jungle gym of choice, Kate’s childhood was a bit different than her peers. In high school, Kate got her start at Roth Carpet, working on inventory. Although she might have preferred hanging out in the boss’ office eating cookies, it helped her understand some of the behind the scenes that went on in running the business. After college, and a few years of working in New York, Kate returned to her rug roots and joined her father in business to start Roth Rugs. Check out Kate’s picks!