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3 Simple Rug Tricks That Will Take Your Living Room To The Next Level
January 18, 2020 — No Comments

When you take on the task of decorating a room in your home it can be overwhelming, to say the least. So maybe, to give you some inspiration, you check out Pinterest. Or you do a deep dive on some of your favorite Instagram designers. What you often end up with is either a mixture of design ideas that are not quite cohesive OR a copycat of a look someone else did. Of course, both of these scenarios are fine, it is your home, decorate it how you want! But maybe you want to make it a little more your own and take that design to the next level. That is our focus today. Below are some tips and tricks to help elevate your living room from humdrum to fabulous!


Highlight A Focal Point

Living Room_Dining Room


An easy jumping-off point is to start with a focal point. The process of picking a focal point is a natural step in decorating a room. Often times focal points are either a specific item, maybe a showstopping rug or striking sofa, or they are an area like when you decide to create a main area of a room as the living room and then a corner as a reading nook, the living room area is the focal point (usually).

So how do you pick a focal point? If it is an item, usually it is a piece you fall in love with. For instance, I decorated my bedroom around my duvet cover. I fell in love with the pattern and decided I would use that as the main focus of the room and decorate around it. One easy focal point to highlight would be your rug. From your rug’s design, you can pick colors to use for other items in this room, this will help tie everything together while still letting the rug shine. 

When it comes to designating an area as your focal point, again, it often just happens without you realizing, you might just walk into a room and know that you want it to have the main area (focal point) in one section and then a small bar area in a corner. When creating rooms within a room, an easy way to designate each area is by using rugs. Use a larger rug to section off the main focal point area and smaller rugs in the other areas. Super easy. 

Play With Shapes 



Another great way to step up your room game is to consider getting a rug that isn’t in your typical rectangle shape. I am talking shapes like round, oval, and square. You would be surprised how many different rugs come in odd shapes and you might also be surprised by how much those shapes can change the look and feel of a room!

So when does it make sense to look for a shape other than rectangle? One scenario would be if you had a square table in your kitchen. A square table is the perfect spot to put a round rug. Or maybe you have a round kitchen table, in that case you might look for a square rug. You want to keep your design from being too matchy (too matchy would be square table and square rug), opposites are fantastic at keeping things visually interesting. 

What types of shapes are even possible? Well, many of the rugs we carry come in the basic rectangle, as well as shapes such as round, squares, and ovals. Some rugs even come in other fun shapes like a star or heart shape for a kids rug, or faux hide rugs that are made to look like real animal hides and therapy shaped like an animal. There are so many options beyond the rectangle. 


Layer Up For Variety

DAT06_RUG141704_LS_1 (1)

One of our favorite ways to spice up your room is to layer your rugs! We cannot get enough when it comes to layered rugs. Layering your rugs can do everything from help hide ugly flooring, highlight a focal area of your room, or even create a cozy nook. 

Want to read more about layering rugs? Check out our post, Layering Rugs: 4 Tips to Help You Master The Art of Doubling Up!


Now It’s Your Turn

Now that you know our 3 tips for upping your room game, it’s time for you to take them and run with it. Need more inspo? We love this article by The Spruce about Decorating with Rugs, it has lots of quick tips to help you design your space. 

Make sure to share your room designs with us on social media by tagging us @rothrugs and using #rothrugs. And if you need help finding that perfect rug to complete your room (or rugs if you want to layer them and I really think you do), call, email, or chat with us, we are here to help!

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