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Casual Rugs

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Why Casual Rugs?

A casual rug is meant to suit a variety of color palettes, decor styles, and durability needs. It might be small for a cozy bathroom, medium-sized for a contemporary kitchen, or large and vibrant for a main living area. Maybe you need a long, narrow carpet for the hallway or foyer, or a soft deep pile carpet for a personal office or bedroom.

Casual rugs can be braided or woven, bright and vivacious or cool and muted. Your unique personal style will determine the design, colors, and texture that will make the floor decor piece flow seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Suitable for kids’ rooms, high-traffic areas, or the main space that you like to keep pristine, a casual rug is a functional and beautiful ingredient in personal home decor.

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Each room has certain needs let us help you break it down.

Get help… We’re the rug experts!

Finding the perfect rug for your personal style can be tricky. With thousands of colors and patterns to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect one to make you feel at home. Texture, size, and durability are essential components in your hunt for the perfect rug. Let the experts at Roth Rugs help you define your style and needs.

Still looking for the Perfect Rug? Take the RUG QUIZ or Visit Kate’s Picks!

Rugs must fit a room’s style and purpose. The ideal piece will be the heart and soul of the space, but the final outcome depends on design, color, texture, and functionality. Try the rug quiz to get filtered results that will make a lasting impression.

If you’re still not sure what kind of rug you want, why not ask someone with years of experience with interior design for rugs? Kate knows rugs inside and out and can help you find the perfect rug to leave a lasting impression in your home.