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How to: Declutter Your Home
April 6, 2020 — No Comments

7 Tips for Decluttering


Something we are constantly doing in our home is decluttering. But honestly, it is one of those household tasks that we always struggle with. That is why we turned to expert declutterer, Jackie Waters of    Hyper Tidy   to give us her top tips for easily decluttering your home.

Fill Up a Bag

Before you begin, make a list of the areas that need the most attention. Then, start by grabbing a bag and begin packing it with anything you don’t really need or want in the near future. Once you are done with one room, head to the next. One way to make this less daunting? Handle only one room per day, this breaks it up so you don’t get overwhelmed by going through your entire home in one day.

Use a Timer

This concept is great for those that want to challenge themselves (how much can I get done in 5 minutes) and those that only have 5 minutes a day to spare. Hate timers? Use a podcast instead. Pick your favorite podcast and get to work for the length of one episode.

Take a Challenge

Not feeling it yet? Maybe you need a little encouragement from fellow declutterers. One way to do that is by joining a declutter challenge like this one from Your Modern Family. It takes a total of 30 days, each day is dedicated to a specific area of the house or category of items such as mail or the medicine cabinet. There’s even a printout to keep you humming along.

Do It With a Friend

Sometimes, you don’t need a fancy method to get rid of stuff,  you just need the right company. Ask one of your friends to help out, they can help by keeping things fun (maybe add in some wine for motivation?), removing sentimentality from the equation, and offering their honest opinion on just about everything in the house (no you do not need 3 pairs of the same shoes).

Throw a Party

Why not invite a few friends over and make it a real party? You’ll have more people to chat with while going through the drawers and closets, laughing at the uglier elements of your wardrobe and enjoying some music.

Join an Online Group

Don’t worry if your friends aren’t willing to help or if you’re a little embarrassed by a messy home. You can find moral support, as well as good advice, on the internet in decluttering forums. You’ll find answers to your most pressing questions, such as how to organize important records and whether to rid yourself of useless objects with sentimental value all without leaving your home.

Keep to a Schedule

Now you have the methods and support you need to rid yourself of clutter, but it can build up again if you’re not careful. Avoid that by creating a cleaning schedule that addresses absolutely everything in your home. If you’re a pet owner, make sure you’re routinely removing pet hair and vacuuming frequently. If you find yourself too busy with work and family life to clean regularly, consider bringing in a cleaning service to help on occasion.


Whether you use all of these methods or just one, you’re on your way to a tidier home.


Jackie Waters

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