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How To Find The Perfect Sized Bedroom Rug
September 17, 2019 — No Comments

Deciding the right size rug for your room can be almost as hard as picking the rug itself. Should your rug fit all of your furniture on top of it? Should your rug fit the entire room or just the space under your bed? What about a weird layout? So many factors go into deciding what size is right, but luckily, we are here to help.

Scenario #1: Two Twin Beds

Bedroom Setup with 2 Twin Beds

Two Runners plus 4′ x 6′ rug in the middle

The big tip for bedroom rugs is to make sure you have about 18″  on either side of the bed.  This ensures you have a nice soft piece of rug  to step onto when you get out of bed.  For most  scenarios, this isn’t too difficult and can be done with one rug, but this scenario is tougher. Finding an area rug that would fit under two beds and still have about 18″ on both sides would mean limiting yourself to only oversized options. This can  really decrease your rug options and possibly make things very pricey.  But, this is where the rug runner comes in. Runners are perfect for this type of design. Two runners on the outside of each bed and one 4×6 (or 2×3 depending on the room size) in between the two beds and you are good to go.

Scenario #2: One Large King or Queen Bed

8'x10' (Queen Bed) or 12'x14' (King Bed)

8′ x 10′ (Queen Bed) or 9′ x 12′ (King Bed)

This is a pretty classic bedroom setup. You have the bed on part of the rug but not all of it. This gives you tons of comfy cozy rug to keep your feet happy. If the room is larger, you may need a larger rug or the addition of a runner on either side of the bed, but that is another story.

Scenario #3: One Large King or Queen Bed  in Smaller Room


8′ x 10′ (Queen Bed) or 9′ x 12′ (King Bed)

Although this setup is very similar to scenario #2, this one is for a smaller room. Sometimes you have a large bed that just fits perfectly in your room but doesn’t leave space for much else. In this scenario, your rug is probably pretty close to the size of your room, so you will want to have your bed and nightstands completely on your rug. This setup only works in smaller rooms. If you tried to place your bed completely on your rug in a larger room, it just wouldn’t look right– trust us.

Scenario #4: One Large King or Queen Bed

King or Queen bed with two Runners

King or Queen bed with two Runners

This is another setup that works well in a small room, especially if you have a bench (or something similar) at the foot of your bed. Once again the focus is making sure you have something nice and cozy to step onto right as you get out of bed. An alternative to this would be two 2×3 rugs, one on either side of the bed.  Small sheepskin or shag rugs are perfect for this, they give that extra softness you need when stepping out of bed.  And if you don’t have a bench (or something) at the end of the bed, add a little 4×6 rug at the end, just in front of the bed. Sheepskin, shags, and faux animal hides are perfect for this job.

This brings us to the end of our time discussing bedrooms.  Next, we’ll tackle picking the right rug for your living room!  Need some more tips on rug sizing to hold you over? Check out this article from HomePolish on runners, rug proportions, and more.  

As always, if you have any questions or topics you think we should cover, let us know!


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