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Kate’s Picks: Designer Spotlight – Michelle Nussbaumer
January 22, 2020 — No Comments

Ever feel like you are in a design rut? I often feel that way. Kind of like, I know I want to change this room (or maybe rug or furniture), but I can’t figure out how or where to start. So maybe I go to Apartment Therapy or The Spruce and try to find something that gets my heart racing. That is kind of how I found interior designer Michelle Nussbaumer. I was in a rut and there she was, or rather, one of her designs. 

Who Is Michelle Nussbaumer? 

Michelle Nussbaumer is a maximalist designer known for designing rooms full of patterns. In any one of her rooms, you will no doubt find an abundance of patterns all working together in harmony to create a look that is both traditional and new while somehow managing to not feel cluttered.

I love her designs because they perfectly combine my favorite design elements. With every room she touches, she takes you on a journey to some unknown but beautiful land full of old-world pieces, incredible patterns, and pops of pop culture. This combo might not seem drool-worthy, but you would be wrong. Her designs create a story full of life and wanderlust. 

The best part of her designs? They are made to inspire. 

What is Maximalist Decor?

Maximalist decor is essentially the opposite of minimalism. It is when more is more and patterns look best mixed with even more patterns. I love so many aspects of maximalism. First, this type of design is known for its lack of restraint, and to me, that equals a type of freedom no other style of design gives me. Second, the pattern mixing! Here on the blog, I have talked a lot about pattern mixing, like in this post about mixing patterns, or this one where I discuss patterns as one way to make or break your living room, or in this one about working with textures. So it is safe to say my love for patterns is real. Lastly, this style of design is super easy to create in your own home!

How To Incorporate Maximalist Decor

Incorporating maximalism into your home is so easy! The rule I go by when I think maximalism is the “yes” rule. If you like something, just say yes! Add that funky looking cheetah print pillows, or that weird bust of someone that you found at the flea market, or even the bright pink couch, just say yes. The beauty of maximalism is that it is all about incorporating bits and pieces from different worlds and making them work and guess what, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money. Some of my favorite pieces from antique stores were dirt cheap, remind me one day to talk about my dancing dogs art pieces. 

An easy way to add some maximalism to your life? You can start small with kitchen items, a small piece of wall art or, my favorite option, a rug! Here are a few that I think scream maximalism. 

I love this traditional blush rug. To me, it is the perfect starter rug for any budding maximalist. 

timeless blush










This is another one of my favorites that would fit into any maximalist design. The cheetah print is both interesting (and totally on-brand with maximalism) but also almost a neutral. 











My last recommendation for a maximalist style rug is this more muted traditional one from Jaipur Living. It has the colors but isn’t overwhelming in color or design. This option would be great for someone looking to dip their toe into the maximalism pool.


Now Go Maximize!

I hope this little intro into maximalism gets you as jazzed as I am! It is such a fun way to style your home and your life, and isn’t that what life is about? 

Want to start shopping for your perfect rug? Start with some of my favorites in Kate’s Picks Maximalist Rugs. 

Anyway, we would love to see how YOU do maximalism! Or any style for that matter. Share your home with us and use #rothrugs so we make sure to see it! And of course, if you need any help finding your perfect rug, call, email, or chat with us, we are here to help!


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