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Kate’s Picks: Layering Rugs
January 22, 2020 — No Comments

Layering Rugs: 4 Tips to Help You Master The Art of Doubling Up

Let’s get into rug layering! There are so many great reasons for considering doubling up your rugs. Some reasons are obvious while others, in our opinion, you might not have thought of yet and will completely change your rug game. So, let’s get started. What is rug layering? Why would anyone want to do it? And most importantly, should YOU try it?

What Is Rug Layering

Rug layering is simply the act of placing one rug on top of another rug or carpet. It might seem silly to some, but there are many scenarios where it is the perfect option. Personally, we love layering rugs. It can do a lot for a room like add dimension, section off different areas of the room, or even just hide flooring that you can’t change,  and not to mention it is definitely in style right now. 

Why Would You Layer Your Rugs?


One of the great benefits of layering rugs is the physical addition of added texture. Sometimes you just need to add a contrasting texture. Maybe your room is full of soft textures and you think, what is missing? The perfect solution could be to add a textured rug or a braided textured rug.

The easiest way to achieve this, in our opinion, is to simply find a room-sized, textured rug and on top of that layer pretty much anything. This makes the larger, bottom rug, the textured accent. We love the way The Spruce does it in the Things To Think About When Layering a Rug.

Or how about how Homepolish nails it in their article How To Layer Rugs Like a Pro.

We also can’t ignore the opposite of that, using the top rug as the texture element. An example that we keep seeing is to use a super soft shag or faux hide rugs to add texture and softness to any room, Elle Decor does that perfectly. A super popular use is in kids rooms. A lot of parents and designers are using one rug for the room but then in one corner layering a faux hide and maybe even adding a cute little pup-tent for the kids in that home to read and play.

Can’t Afford a Larger Rug

A perfect example of this is when you move and suddenly that rug that was perfect in your teeny tiny apartment is now so teeny tiny itself that you cannot find a spot for it– but you also can’t afford to purchase something similar in a larger size. Don’t despair! That little rug will work perfectly as an accent on top of a budget-friendly larger rug. The best way to do this is to pick an affordable large neutral rug, this like this:















Or, if you want a textured rug, something like this:


Or even something like this soft shag rug:



Then layer your smaller rug centered on top of the larger. This makes it so you can enjoy the smaller rug even if it doesn’t fill the room on its own.

To Hide or Update an Old Rug or Carpeting

Ok, so you move into a new apartment and it has wall to wall carpeting that you cannot remove. Or maybe you are sick of your old carpeting in your home but can’t afford to update your flooring. That is when layering comes in handy! Simply layer a rug you love on top of that carpeting. Just make sure the rug you love doesn’t totally clash with the carpeting you are trying to hide.

Create Sub-Areas in a Larger Room

Great rooms are great, but the whole “open concept” layout can really make things complicated when you start thinking about rugs. We will often work with customers who initially think the only option for an extra large space is to get an extra large area rug. Sure, that is one option, but the other option is to use rugs to section off areas.

For instance, maybe you want to create a reading nook within the larger living room area of your great room. One way to do that is to have one large rug sectioning off the living room area and then a smaller cozy rug layered on top in the reading nook.

Or maybe you set up a super cozy nursery. Oftentimes, in nurseries, you want to create an area for play and one for reading books and nursing. So maybe you have a larger rug covering the majority of the room but then a smaller little rug to designate that one corner of the room as the snuggly reading and feeding area.

So now that you know HOW to layer rugs, you might be thinking about what rugs you want to layer! That is where we come in. We can help you pick the perfect rugs for layering (or not), whatever rug help you need we are here for you.

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