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Why Outdoor Rugs?

Outdoor rugs have a reputation for being ugly and barely functional. But, so many people have expanded their luxurious living styles outdoors that rugs had to keep pace. Today’s outdoor patio rugs are a match for any indoor rug in style, color, and pattern.

Contemporary rugs for outdoor spaces are both weather-resistant and beautiful. With outdoor living spaces gaining popularity for entertaining, or relaxing in a fresh-air environment, but with all the amenities of being inside, you need a flawless textured rug to bring the style together. Accent your outdoor fireplace, lounge furniture, and dining table with a unique piece of floor art.

Outdoor rugs are available in a variety of patterns and colors, so that your sense of style carries into the great outdoors. Enjoy your fireside reverie in a space tailored to your needs with a stunning and durable outdoor rug.

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Each room has certain needs let us help you break it down.

Ask the rug experts!

Finding the perfect rug for your personal style can be tricky. With thousands of colors and patterns to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect one to make you feel at home. Texture, size, and durability are essential components in your hunt for the perfect rug. Let the experts at Roth Rugs help you define your style and needs.

Still looking for the Perfect Rug? Take the RUG QUIZ or Visit Kate’s Picks!

Rugs must fit a room’s style and purpose. The ideal piece will be the heart and soul of the space, but the final outcome depends on design, color, texture, and functionality. Seems like a tall order, especially if you are new to the world of interior design. Try our rug quiz to see a list of rugs that fit your personal style and needs.

If you’re still not sure what kind of rug you want, why not ask someone with years of experience with interior design for rugs? Kate knows rugs inside and out and can help you find the perfect rug to leave a lasting impression in your home.