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Rug Care 101: How To Care For Your Rug
May 25, 2019 — No Comments

How To Care For Your Rug

Now that you finally purchased a beautiful new rug, don’t let your fear of ruining it keep you up at night! As long as you do some basic maintenance (we swear it isn’t a lot!), your rug will look great for longer than you like it. In other words, you will WANT a new rug before you NEED one.

How To Extend Your Rug’s Life the-creative-exchange-682637-unsplash (1)

Ideally, you want your rug to live a long and beautiful life. Below are a few tips to help you maximize the life of your rug and keep it looking great for many many years.

    • Dirt and grime can erode the fibers of your rug and make it look dull and old. Vacuuming frequently helps to keep the surface of your rug free of that nasty debris.
    • Make sure the beater bar (if you have one) is set to the correct height for your rug. Once you figure out the height, begin to vacuum, making sure to hit every direction and periodically vacuum under heavy furniture.
    • Empty your vacuums dust canister frequently. A full canister can mean less suction power.
    • Some rugs, especially shag rugs, may need special care when vacuuming to prevent damage. Check out the instructions on our Spring Cleaning post to see how to care for your shag rugs!
    • This might seem like a hassle, but we promise it’s worth it. Rotating your rugs every once in a while helps to even out exposure to foot traffic and abrasion. To rotate your rug, first, start by removing all furniture and vacuuming the rug. Once that’s done, rotate the rug 180 degrees. How often you do this is totally up to you; once a year is fine for most, but if it’s a living room rug or in a heavily trafficked area, it might be a good idea to rotate more often.
    • Bedroom rugs, in particular, can benefit from rotating, since a large portion is often protected under the bed itself or bedside furniture.
    • This is probably a no-brainer. When you see a spot or a stain, make sure to clean it asap. The sooner you address the stain, the easier it is to remove. Check out a more in-depth guide to stain removal in  our   Rug  Hacks  post!

Importance of Rug Pads

Cushion Grip 1

Pads are the backbone to your rug. They keep everyone safe by keeping your rug from slip-sliding around, and they help your rug look great for longer and stay in tip-top shape. How, you might ask? Well, for starters, rug pads help by adding more cushion, which can take some of the heat off the rug. The abrasion that your rug might normally experience from foot traffic is lessened due to the lovely cushioning of its rug pad. We can’t forget to mention that rug pads help keep dirt and debris that can live UNDER the rug from causing unwanted damage. This might seem unnecessary (who cares about dirt under your rug?) but that dirt can build up and become abrasive to your rug’s backing and scratch your precious wood floors. No one wants that.

Long story short, pads are awesome. If you don’t already have pads for your rug, check out our selection here!

When To Call Professional Cleaners 

So, when is it a good idea to take your rug to a professional to be cleaned? This is a question we get asked a lot. Of course, it is really personal preference. We often find that for most rugs, if you are doing normal maintenance (vacuuming, spot cleaning, and rotating) there is usually no need for a professional. But below are a few instances when it might be a good idea.

  • When you have a fragile old rug that you are worried won’t react well to one of the spot cleaners we recommended earlier.
  • When you have a stain or spot that won’t come out after multiple tries.
  • When someone in your household has allergies and there was an abundance of the allergen in the house (maybe an animal, or it is the end of allergy season).

Those are just a few reasons why it would make sense to contact a professional. Let’s skip ahead, you have decided it is time to call, but who do you call?

  • An in-home rug steam cleaning company. This is for someone who just wants a deep clean of their rug (looking at your allergy sufferer). This might not be right for someone with a fragile old rug.
  • A rug cleaning company with a free-standing plant. This option is right for the antique or valuable rug owner. If you spent a ton on your rug, or maybe it is a family heirloom, you want it taken in by someone who will hand-wash your precious rug. Many companies will include complimentary pickup and drop off of your rug. This option is the priciest, but if you spent a lot or your rug just has a lot of sentimental value to you, it’s worth the price.
  • A rug cleaning machine from a home center. We usually don’t recommend this option for a few reasons:
    • You really have no way of knowing in advance if the machine is working properly
    • You could end up over wetting or over soaping your rug and then be unable to properly extract all of the soapy water
    • The settings are not set to your rugs specifications and you don’t know how to change them. Or maybe there are NO settings and you find out mid-wash your rug is too delicate for their machine.

When To Replace Your Rug

You have done everything you can, but your rug no longer has that beautiful new rug glow. Or maybe you just don’t like how it looks anymore. That is when it is time to consider looking for a replacement. Once you decide you are ready to start looking for a new rug, you might feel a little overwhelmed, that is the time to contact us! We are experts at all things rugs, that includes helping you find your perfect rug.  

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