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Why do I need a Rug Pad?

You have found the perfect rug to complement your personal design style. Not only does it look fabulous, it suits all your daily requirements when it comes to traffic. It feels wonderful on your feet. Your guests have already complimented you on how great it looks.

Next step? Investing in a rug pad. Pairing your perfect rug with a rug pad that matches its size and shape will ensure that your rug stays in great condition for years to come.

A rug pad can increase the life of your rug by providing a cushioned barrier to the impact of foot traffic and wear on the rug’s pile. The pad will also help prevent scratching of wood floors caused by rug slippage and shifting. Additionally, pads make cleaning the rug more effective by creating breathing space for the suction of your vacuum!

Get the right pad for your needs. But, which is best?



A pad with a standard grip may fit your needs & budget.
Slip resistant, waffle pattern, For indoor & outdoor use.




A cushion grip pad works even better on hardwood floors.
Cushion coated waffle pattern, For indoor use only.




Offers optimal comfort. Ideal for large area rugs & any floor type.
Reversible for on top of carpet. Adds up to 1/4” extra cushion.

Top 5 Rug Pad Advantages  
1. Acoustics: Muffles sound
2. Safety: Helps prevent slips & trips
3. Comfort: Gives the carpet a more plush feel
4. Durability: Guards against abrasions to the rug & floor
5. Easy Cleaning: Allows more air flow/suction when vacuuming

Rug pads are handy in the harmony of your living space.

All pads are prepackaged, some pad sizes come in multiple pieces.
It is easy to trim these pads to fit any size rug.

We Are Here to Help

We know how hard it can be to find a perfect rug, and preserving that rug is just as important. Be sure to keep your rug looking and feeling wonderful by choosing the right rug pad. Our team is here to help you not only find the right rug but keep it looking great in your home.

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