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Southwest Rugs

Trust Our Experts with Your Rug Needs

Some of us already know our style, and can explain exactly what we like and what we are looking for to make our Southwestern home décor come together. But if you’re still not sure what rug will quite transport you to your dream log cabin getaway, try our rug experts. We might just be able to get you there.

Southwestern rugs for the rustic, country lovin’ folk

If your idea of the perfect getaway is a log cabin out in the woods, curled up by a fire with a perfect view of the lush green landscape, then the Southwestern style probably suits you to a T! Who doesn’t love the flavor and rich tradition the Southwestern style brings to American homes? A Southwest style rug is just what you need to cement that rustic decor.

Both contemporary and traditional, a Southwestern rug adds a cozy, lodge look to your home with its geometric patterns and Native motifs, as well as a wide range of earth tones and natural elemental colors. These rugs can range from stunning show-stoppers that demand your guests’ full attention, to more subtle supporting accents that tie an already fabulous design together.

Southwestern style area rugs aren’t just for the log cabin lover, but also often feature traditional Native American tribal colors and designs for a more earthy vibe. There is a Southwestern style rug to suit any space, from your entryway to the dining room, and our selection covers all of it.

Use our RUG QUIZ and Kate’s Picks to Find the Right Rug for Your Space

Finding the right rug is all about understanding the style and purpose you are trying to achieve. You may not have known that Southwestern style rugs are your thing, but our Rug Quiz can help you pinpoint exactly what your style is, whether that’s a selection of lodge style rugs, or something more traditional.

Be sure to check out the Kate’s Picks page to get even more input on choosing the right rug. Her years of experience have given her the expertise to guide you through your rug buying decision so that you can have your lodge getaway that much faster.