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Style Spotlight – Casual
January 29, 2020 — No Comments

What is Casual Style?

Hi! It has been a while since we posted, but we are back and ready to start tackling some of your most interesting, quirky, crazy, and fun design questions! Today we are focusing on the style category known as Casual. What is casual? Who is casual right for? How does one achieve a casual style within their home?


Starting at the beginning, what even is Casual?? Really glad you asked. Casual, sometimes known as Transitional, is somewhere between Traditional and Modern design. It takes the warm colors of Traditional looks and pairs them with understated designs. Essentially, casual designs don’t usually overpower or overwhelm, but rather offer light, friendly styles.   Emily Henderson, for instance, has a lot of casual designs that feel inviting and still practical.


Casual area rugs are perfect for you if you like to choose from certain pieces or looks from a few different style categories, but you don’t want to commit entirely to one theme. don’t feel like any one of those categories totally fit you. You like warmth and coziness. You gravitate towards earth tones and smaller or no designs.


So you’ve decided that your style is full on casual; awesome! Now what? The great thing about the Casual look is you can totally make it your own. A lot of the time, you can even incorporate pieces you already own!

Now all you need is the perfect rug! Lucky for you, we have a huge collection of casual rugs for sale!

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