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Style Spotlight – Modern
January 25, 2020 — No Comments

What is Modern?

Back at it with another Style Spotlight. Today we are looking into the style known as Modern. What is Modern style? What makes something Modern? Who is a Modern look right for? And how do you get that Modern look? So many questions, but we think we will be able to cover them all.

White Modern Rug

Modern Open Floor Plan

Let’s start at the beginning. What is Modern style? Modern style can mean many things but most often it is associated with the modern art movement. This movement said goodbye to the over-the-top ornate looks of traditional designs and said hello to clean lines, uncluttered designs, and bold accent colors.


Modern Living Room

So, what makes something Modern? Well, modern can mean a lot of different things – there are many offshoots like art deco and mid-century modern to name a few – but if we are being  narrow in our definition, there are a few main characteristics that make a design Modern.

Clean Lines

This is the opposite of the overdone traditional designs of the past. Modern designs pair clean straight lines with little to no additional detailing. Everything is function and form meeting together to make a clean look.

Bold Accent Colors

Modern design is known for being uncluttered and functional, this does not stop with colors. Modern looks are often mainly full of neutral colors, whites, blacks, beiges, and include a pop of a bold color. 

Uncluttered Designs

This goes hand in hand with clean lines but it is so important it needs its own explanation. One of the biggest parts of Modern designs is that they get rid of the unnecessary and keep only the functional parts of the design. They are uncluttered, minimalistic. No need to add extra designs or tchotchkes, these designs hold up on their own.

The next question is, who is a Modern look right for? It is right for pretty much everyone! The great thing about Modern looks is you can start with one piece and build from there, it isn’t an all or nothing type of style. For instance, any style of furniture works with these minimalist modern rugs. Or, if you want to flip that, modern furniture looks great when paired with a more traditional rug. The Spruce even has tips for pairing an oriental rug with minimalist designsThe possibilities are really endless.


Modern Dining Room with Traditional Rug

Now that you understand and obviously are totally obsessed with all things modern, you probably want to redesign your whole home! Or maybe not. But hey, maybe you just need a modern rug? Well, we have  an amazing collection of modern rugs for sale on our website, so take a look!

Have more questions? Or maybe a style you want us to tackle? Contact us!


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