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Why Traditional Rugs?

A beautiful traditional rug is a timeless piece of art. Traditional styles evoke classic designs from ancient cultures. Royalty from classical rugmaking societies prized carpets for their intricate motifs and luxurious textures, so much so that fine rugs were hung on the walls as art for many hundreds of years.

Traditional designs feature subtle influences from the Orient, Persia, and Europe. Classic design elements of traditional floor decor may include borders, floral motifs, and geometric patterns.

Despite the name, traditional rugs are not old or dated. These styles offer a variety of rich hues, designs, & textures to suit the most refined tastes. A traditional rug offers unparalleled elegance for spaces ranging from classic to contemporary.

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Each room has certain needs let us help you break it down.

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Traditional rugs represent a multitude of cultures. They may vary widely in pattern, color, and symbolism. Each rug will be a distinct history of its origin. Finding just the right piece to suit your personal decor can be dizzying.

Texture, size, and durability are also essential considerations. The experts at Roth Rugs are here to help you define your needs and desires so you can find the perfect piece to satisfy your unique preferences.

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Rugs must fit a room’s style and purpose. The ideal piece will be the heart and soul of the space, but the final outcome depends on design, color, texture, and functionality. Try the rug quiz to get filtered results that will make a lasting impression.

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